Phone System Comparison


In today’s challenging business environment, companies need the ability to offer employees the ability to work seamlessly from home or office. Cloud based communications systems are the way to go. Not only do business owners have the ability to offer employees a powerful collaboration tool set, they also save money by eliminating the expense of traditional central office telephone lines and/or PRI trunking,

We invite you to participate in our “migration” process. We will prepare and present you with a detailed analysis of your current telephone and internet expenses and show you how much you can save when migrating your internal and external communications to the cloud.

Here is a sample comparison of a 20 user traditional premise based PBX system vs. the RingCentral cloud based solution. 


Our Way vs. Old Way

20-User Phone System Comparison RingCentral Office Traditional On-Premise PBX Systems*
On-premise hardware – PBX, server cards $0 $6,495
One-time phone cost2 $1,980 $3,000
Setup and implementation FREE $1,000
Integrations with Box, GoogleDocs, Dropbox, Outlook FREE Additional charges may apply
PBX software licenses 0$ $4,000
All inclusive pricing with business class features $600 Not available
Unlimited local and long distance calling3 FREE $210
Unlimited Internet fax FREE $300
Local numbers for each user FREE $40
Toll-free number and minutes FREE $100
Feature and functionality updates and upgrades FREE $240
24/7 customer supports FREE $240
Business SMS FREE Not available
Audio Conferencing FREE $200
Telephone Service N/A $103
Ongoing system management and configuration Designed for easy self-management Requires IT or outsourced support
System management optimized for smartphone and tablet FREE Not available
Service contract No contracts required Contracts required & early termination fees
Total Monthly Cost (includes maintenance/12) $600 $988
Total Cost in Year 1 (includes phones) $9,180 $31,691
Total Cost in Year 2 $7,200 $17,196
Total Cost Over 2 Years $16,380 $48,087
Percentage Saved Over 2 Years Save
Your Savings with RingCentral Office $32,507

Steps to Migration

Customer to provide information to All Systems. Submit all telephone and internet service bills. Provide accurate employee extension count. (physical phone & remote worker) Scan and upload to our secure document upload site.

Step 1

Analyze the customer’s bill for possible savings with Comcast and/or migration to Ring Central.

Step 2

Provide a quote for Ring Central service based on the user count provided by customer to All Systems

Step 3

Present our bill analysis findings and recommendations to the customer via E- mail.

Step 4

Conduct a virtual review meeting to review the findings and recommendations.

We provide this service with no obligation and at absolutely NO COST. If your decision is to migrate to Ring Central, we manage the entire implementation process. If your decision is to not migrate, at least you will know what you are paying for with your telephone and internet providers.

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service and to working with you and your organization.